Value of a Life Tour

Value of a Life Tour



The Value of a Life Tour (VOLT) is the result of data collection over seven years by its founder Bruce Carter.  Personal involvement in product development, trials, and studies targeting behavior, social responsibility, bullying, anger, violence against and amongst youth and childhood hunger showed a need for change with our youth.  The mission of VOLT is to design real opportunities and a future for our youth in America with a goal of creating 40,000 Youth Business Owners (YSBO) across 35 states. The tour will make stops across the country with speakers including celebrities like Yo-Yo (the first lady of hip-hop),  professionals, politicians, activists, community leaders and youth advocates.

VOLT must take place because drug use, gun violence, and immoral acts have become a way of life in communities and our children are the true victims. VOLT will provide our youth with economic empowerment and through owning and operating a business, they will learn how to effectively handle situations and manage their time. The economic benefits will address social responsibility, domestic violence, bullying, violence within their community and childhood hunger. Learning how to effectively handle situations of adversity through analysis will enhance their critical thinking skills and reduce violent responses.

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