Training Divisions

Boss Builders – Boss Builders focus on the Non-Athlete grades 6th thru 12th for the purpose of making them small business owners, youth marketers and adolescent sales promoters. The program entails the development of youth through training and hands-on experience. Youth Promoter knows it is important to target this demographic because too often children receive less attention in society when they don’t participate in sports. A simple example is to go into the home or room of a child that participates in sports and you will see trophies or certificates of accomplishments but nothing representing the child with no athletic ambition.

BALAS – Building Athletes for Life After Sports (BALAS) is the program that will be utilized to train athletes at an early age so they don’t become fools with money. Too often individuals chase the professional ranks of sports to only miss or make it but self-destruct. BALAS mission is to add balance at an early age by using business and money as a motivating factor.

“BALAS” focuses on youth athletes owning and operating small businesses in order to:

  • provide them with a real-world foundation and give them a reality check to realize that they may not make it into the professional ranks in their prospective sport, so they need to have something to fall back on
  • teach them how to manage their finances and personal affairs
  • Assist them in handling adversities on and off the court, field, and diamond.
  • add depth, character, and substance to their lives
  • teach them positive values and to engage in positive activities