Boss Builders focus on the Non-Athlete grades 6th thru 12th for the purpose of making them small business owners, youth marketers, and adolescent sales promoters. The program entails the development of youth through training and hands-on experience. Youth Promoter knows it is important to target this demographic because too often children receive less attention in society when they don't participate in sports. A simple example is going into the home or room of a child that participates in sports and you will see trophies or certificates of accomplishments but nothing representing the child with no athletic ambition.


Focuses on athletes owning and operating a small business to: provide them with a real world foundation and give them a reality check to realize that they may not make it into the professional ranks in their prospective sport, so they need to have something to fall back on teach them how to manage their finances and personal affairs assist them in handling adversities on and off the court, field, and diamond. add depth, character, and substance to their lives teach them positive values and to engage in positive activities

A Youth Business Owner will be known as a YP ISR (Independent Sales Rep). The YP ISR Program is designed to appeal to youth and parents within many communities nationwide. The program has the societal benefits of addressing issues of childhood hunger, bullying, social and domestic violence, civic responsibility, anger issues, and drugs that may not be addressed in the participants everyday environment.

In addition to providing youth with a greater understanding of business strategy and empowering them to operate as successful entrepreneurs, Youth Promoter will provide an unlimited stream of revenue for the participants.

Our research and personal and professional experiences have demonstrated that the aforementioned issues can be directly affected by changes in an adolescent’s environment and socio-economic status.

Finally , training kids to become economically sound and to have more income will provide these youth with a sense of accomplishment and a solid foundation.
YP services are provided initially through presentations, concerts, back- to- school jams, spring break festivals,and seminars which include training by business professionals a youth leaders.

A major goal is to get youth interested and committed to becoming an ISR. Once a youth becomes an ISR, the objectives include training in marketing, accounting software (Quick Books), personal finance, networking, and business administration, building effective business partnerships, interpersonal relationships, management, budgeting, commitment, and utilization of the state -of-the- art -web portal. Upon an initial payment payment of $99.95 they will receive the following:

YP Catalogue
YP Playbook
YP Web Portal Access
YP Independent Sale Reps ID Number

Each YP tool provides the following to the ISR:
The YP catalogue which provides unlimited promotional products they can sell throughout their community and earn a profit
The YP Playbook outlining the overall plan and how to expand their network
YP Web Portal Access with their own YP web page to complete orders, prepare presentations and create proposals.
YP Independent Sales Rep ID with the ability to receive accurate credit for all sales and potential bonuses

Training will be offered continually after the initial Boss Builders presentation, through weekly webinars and monthly live training in each state. Annual summits will also be held to track the progress and offer general guidance to YP ISR’s. This follow-up will provide further education on how to sell YP products, utilize our state-of-the-art web portal, build and maintain customer bases, and create value-added services through partnering with one the following:

The person of their choice (Pick-A-Partner)
Local small business
College students
An educator

Selecting a partner will address the importance of choices and how they can positively or negatively affect the ISR. A small business can provide the necessary mentoring and education to operate a small business. A college student can provide additional education on working with social media and technology and increasing each YP ISR’s network of contacts, supporters, and customers. A educator can provide mentoring in areas of education where individual participants may be lacking.

YP programs are designed to take a holistic approach to address problems with opportunities. In an effort to fulfill its mission with youth ages 8 – 20, YP has seven programs focusing on workforce development, economic development, public safety, community, and service.


Startups In Motion (SIM) is designed to assist 7th and 8th boys with the necessary business coaching to open a business, increase their chance of maintaining their business and be profitable. SIM also teaches chivalry, along with other life skills, in order to establish a new respect for women while learning how to conduct themselves in a positive manner. 


SIM has societal benefits which will assist those individuals, both nationally and internationally, who are hopeless but talented and providing them with a vehicle of opportunity. Some of the measurable benefits include:

  • Economic Development in unprecedented areas
  • More socially conscious individuals
  • Reduction in Crime
  • Development of future leaders
  • Evidence of success from within the community

Each YP participant will take a pledge and oath to reinvest 10% of their earnings into seniors within their community. As part of the program, each participant will own a lawnmower to provide lawn care to senior and disabled home owners.


Providing Real Opportunities (PRO) is a location-based workforce development training program for young adults in hard-to-reach and underserved areas in select American cities. Created with the purpose of minimizing barriers to economic success for various demographics, PRO intends to leverage the skills and knowledge of the surrounding community experts to ensure local needs are met in a culturally aware, transparent, and effective way.

PRO is different than many workforce providers because their directors come from the background of the participants and truly understand the barriers. PRO provides father figures, training, and mentoring on a daily basis. The daily ritual is to have the participant excited to work while leaving non-work related issues outside the workplace. PRO’s impact will start to change generational habits and living conditions for a new, flourishing population of productive citizens

PRO seeks to serve a high concentration of males but will serve anyone who meets the qualifications of the workforce program initiatives. So many do not have a strong support system and believe the world is against them. Understanding that partnering with the right support system each one can and will succeed is pertinent. PRO wants to be the guiding light which shows changing perception can lead to changing realities. The overall goal is to create an environment allowing the participating employers to know that community and family are in this together

PTI Logo


Pathways To Independence (PTI) serves as an economic and community wealth building program for local governments and constituents. PTI provides a series of business training courses, along with hands-on mentoring to new and previously established small local business owners.  Upon completion of the courses participating trainees will become eligible for microfinance support as either start-up capital and/or capacity building funds.

Equally important, PTI seeks to assist local governments in aiding communities with the proper tools, from knowledge to funding, as a means to effectively increase chances of success for business owners.  Opportunities include ways to work side-by-side with local government agencies and politicians on new ways to directly fund community wealth building initiatives.

Each YP participant will take a pledge an oath to reinvest and share their knowledge with veterans, single moms, formerly incarcerated individuals and existing small business owners within their community. 

MAPPER is intended to not only assist today’s rural youth in an early start to building long-lasting wealth and acquiring the skills to become productive citizens but also as a mechanism to assist StrikeForce counties.  MAPPER will work to decrease wealth gaps and level the ability to succeed in business at a much younger age in designated counties. While the program is built to scale, the first phase will focus on six states that have high levels of poverty-stricken areas.

Each YP participant will take a pledge an oath to share in the burden of community prosperity as required in Rural America. 

We Are Going Home (WAGH) is a national community accountability and policing program in collaboration with Restoring Families Across America (RFAA Fund). We Are Going Home has one primary goal – ensure that law enforcement and citizens both go home each time they encounter one another. The program will train citizens and law enforcement on how to interact with each other at the point of contact.

 We Are Going Home educates groups directly through training law enforcement and citizens alike, as well as maintaining a support group for black males ages (11-25) through an initiative called We Got Your Back (WGYB).

WGYB accepts members beginning at age 11 with the primary goal of making sure they obtain a fair chance in America. WGYB’s efforts are to prevent a negative or tragic outcome intense or “no-win” situations while ensuring our youth have a chance to address any injustices they face. Understanding years of abuse, misuse, disrespect, lack of parenting and environment influences, WGYB’s goal is to provide black youth with the confidence that their BACK is protected in the absence of dads, lack of representation, racial profiling and a no value tag on their life.

Each YP participant will take a pledge an oath to be a part of the change including acknowledging their understanding of the value of a life. 



Supporting Honorable Individuals Needs Economically (SHINE) is a program that provides the general public an opportunity to purchase a shoe or sneaker shine to support Veterans and civic minded youth.





My Backyard is a neighborhood ownership stabilization pilot program focusing on local ownership and rental affordability for existing residents. My Backyard partners will include local municipalities, non-profits, and private resources. Each participating partner will have a defined role with defined benefits/ rewards. 

Each YP participant will take a pledge an oath to be a positive influence in their backyard.