Product Divisions


Every 26 seconds a youth drops out of school and since 1998, Youth Development and Capacity Building, Inc and Overcomers Serving People Inc. has been committed to keeping kids in school and creating community gardens in underserved communities to eliminate hunger and strengthen the economy in these low line areas. Wasted land is revitalized with flowers, black-eyed peas, corn, tomatoes, collards, and more.

Through our Youth Agribusiness Communications Outreach and Development Center (YACODC) socially disadvantaged and underserved youth K through 12th grade living in urban and rural communities will be able to apply for character loans of up to $5,000. Funds for the loans will come through USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) and will significantly change the landscape of youth nationally.

They will be trained in Agri-business literacy, English, Math, Science with Agri-business, literacy i.e. English, Math, Science, computer/tech skills, business entrepreneurial development, greenhouse produce development, and more. Education will be provided in the Agriculture/Green Technology industry which is attracting more youth people for successful careers. Our approach will help youth develop skills needed in today’s employment world and business marketing, along with our outreach efforts to promote sustainable communities and financial education while developing future productive citizens. We will challenge the youth with skilled undergraduate and graduate mentors, volunteers, and professionals in all industries to ensure they have the ability to comprehend basic Green Technology, Agriculture, Ecology, Conservation, and Financial Investment curriculums for Agri-Business marketing. Mentors will also educate parents to assist their children with all of these skill sets.

Youth Promoter (YP) and local co-sponsors will assist each youth with creating their own neighborhood store. Neighborhood Stores will allow individual within their neighborhood to obtain food items drastically below retail helping to decrease childhood hunger and address food insecurity. Each youth will be encouraged to own and operate a neighborhood store. A neighborhood is defined by YP as where a youth lives, for example, an apartment complex or housing edition.

In addition to neighborhood stores, youth in qualifying areas will have a community farm and/or ranch where profits are shared with participating youth. This effort will be managed by current socially disadvantaged and veteran farmers and ranchers in an effort to create and develop the next generation of farmers and ranchers.


YP non-agriculture products and services focus on the Ad Special Items Industry also known as Promotional Products. Each ISR will have access to a state- of- the- art web portal that will allow them to prepare professional proposals and quotes in a matter of minutes. ISR’s will be trained how to market to fortune 500 companies and individuals and will market third party products and services on a monthly basis.