YP initiatives are founded in developing a solid foundation for America’s youth in an effort to overcome environmental trauma and parental abandonment. Our initiatives seek to address self-worth and self-empowerment through accountability and appreciation.

YP trains each child based on how they see themselves through Boss Builders and BALAS.  Boss Builders addresses the child who does not play sports or participates in more than one extracurricular activity.  BALAS (Building Athletes for Life After Sports) addresses the child who sees sports as his or her first career.

YP also adapts youth training based on geographical locations.  Realizing that 85% of consistent poverty exists in rural America, with the deepest poverty occurring in inner cities, YP believes you must also train to the environment.  Understanding the differences in environments, YP has designed programs to support rural, urban (inner cities) and suburban America.

Boss Builders – use information on the home page

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Product Divisions


YP’s agriculture division focuses on developing and training for new socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers.  Technical assistance will also be provided to veteran farmers and ranchers.


The non-agriculture division focuses on producing promotional items that empower, educate and entertain loyal committed customers.

Workforce Development at an early age is important because it can build character and a strong work ethic that will reduce crime and increase public safety. It is often said a strong economy hinges upon youth having the skills they need to secure meaningful, well-paid work. Our programs help young people succeed in jobs, entrepreneurship, and ongoing career learning. We build our programs to better connect young people with mentors, training providers, and employers.

As adults, we often talk about our youth being the future, the next generation, but ignore the responsibility of preparing them for success.  We specialize in using technology tools to enrich training for youth and instructors and to make learning fun.

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It Starts With Your Mouth (ISWYM) is a collaboration between educators, activists, and dentists to excite, educate and expand access to care for American youth. ISWYM was started in 2017 after a Texas father took his sixteen-year-old daughter to the orthodontist seeking braces to correct her teeth only to find she had 14 cavities. He was astonished because she is an honor student, elite volleyball player, debate team member and very conscious of her appearance. Despite all the aforementioned and the fact she doesn’t drink soda, she still had a yuck mouth.  She had her cavities filled, got her braces put on and now the issue was solved  – or so the father thought.

The underlying issues became clear a few months later when the father was introduced to a Pediatric Board Certified dentist in North Carolina. This dentist is not just a run of the mill Pediatric Board Certified Dentist.  Under the age of 30, she owns a practice that receives referrals from patients often traveling over 2 hours; she travels the world improving her knowledge of state-of-the-art medicine for children and was voted the 2018 recipient of  Dentistry’s Outstanding D.D.S. Graduate of the Last Decade Award by the University she attended. After meeting her and having countless conversations in an effort to understand some of the issues that children face, it became clear that education is the key to prevent many illnesses that start in, and can be detected in the mouth. The scary thought was what would have happened to his daughter had she not needed braces and how many more children are developing lifelong illnesses at an early age.

The initial mission is to excite children about going to the dentist early in life so it becomes part of their lifestyle. The father, who has a BA in Education,  thought it would be amazing to teach youth how their mouth also provides a perception of who they are. “It is not until you open your mouth that people really know you, start to form an opinion or validate how they see and will deal with you,” said the Texas father. It Starts With Your Mouth will seek to educate, empower and change how we see going to the dentist.

ISWYM will create a college loan repayment program for all staff who participate, including office assistants, dental assistants, dentists, educators and certified YP mentors as a show of appreciation. Loan repayment assistance will be based on a one-year commitment to ISWYM and be administered by Restoring Families Across America (RFAA Fund). RFAA Fund is a 501C3 that seeks to restore families across America by providing research and resources for rural, urban and suburban families allowing them to discover their purpose and assist them in fulfilling it. ISWYM hopes its loan repayment program and education will increase the number of individuals who desire to enter the dental industry.



iTHINK is a Youth Promoter (YP) initiative in partnership with stay at home Moms, Grandmothers, Mental Health Professionals and Black Dentists. The intention of iTHINK is to train and promote individuals to make a call when they think bad behavior is about to happen. The iTHINK process will provide confidence that action will take place once an individual reports a potential threat. Through the success of that process, the loss of life can be prevented. iTHINK will reduce, deter and eventually eradicate school shootings and deadly crimes by youth between ages 11 and 20.

iTHINK will address the immediate need of prevention by having a 24-hour Hotline individuals can call to report what they think might be erratic and possibly dangerous behavior. Stay at home Moms and Grandmothers will be the voices serving as CONNECTORS who will take, assess and transfer credible information to local law enforcement.

The CONNECTOR will follow up with law enforcement to ensure that each report is thoroughly investigated. iTHINK will also use dental offices to gather vital information, train and promote the Value of a Life. iTHINK will initiate peer to peer empowerment training on the power of the mouth focusing on the value of a life. The hope is to curb the negativity and destructive mindset in our current society.

YP believes that once youth have the knowledge and full understanding about the Value of a Life and what death is, they will not commit murder. It is vitally important to empower our youth due to lack of parental guidance combined with the violence they see daily on TV, in video games and in the home.

On February 14, 2018, a day in America when love was supposed to be expressed, 17 families’ worst nightmare came to life with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Nineteen-year-old Nikloas Cruz fulfilled his quest of becoming a Professional School Shooter. Despite all the warnings the current system failed to save the lives of innocent people.

On Feb 26, 2018 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended depression screening for all children 12 and over, because one in every five teens experience depression. AAP also stated children with depression often go undiagnosed and untreated, sometimes due to a lack of access to mental health specialists.

iTHINK was created to address the lack of access to mental healthcare, the number of school mass shootings, the deadly behavior of American Youth, and failed efforts of the current first line of defense.



The Value of a Life Tour (VOLT) is the result of data collection over seven years by its founder Bruce Carter.  Personal involvement in product development, trials, and studies targeting behavior, social responsibility, bullying, anger, violence against and amongst youth and childhood hunger showed a need for change with our youth.  The mission of VOLT is to design real opportunities and a future for our youth in America with a goal of creating 40,000 Youth Business Owners (YSBO) across 35 states. The tour will make stops across the country with speakers including celebrities like Yo-Yo (the first lady of hip-hop),  professionals, politicians, activists, community leaders and youth advocates.

VOLT must take place because drug use, gun violence, and immoral acts have become a way of life in communities and our children are the true victims. VOLT will provide our youth with economic empowerment and through owning and operating a business, they will learn how to effectively handle situations and manage their time. The economic benefits will address social responsibility, domestic violence, bullying, violence within their community and childhood hunger. Learning how to effectively handle situations of adversity through analysis will enhance their critical thinking skills and reduce violent responses.


Mentoring Minds Challenge is a call to action for all Americans to help change the direction of our youth. Mentoring Minds Challenge utilizes the Mentoring Minds Instructional Manual to provide a map for mentors. The Instructional Manual covers the following topics:





Peer pressure/choices


Teenage and unplanned Pregnancy

Sex Education

Becoming a young lady

Becoming a young man

Drug prevention

Anger Management


Living and dealing with the truth


Importance of education

Financial literacy



Domestic violence


Youth Promoter believes that the aforementioned topics are key ingredients to failure or success. Some are also issues and obstacles that neither parents nor children realize lay ahead of them. We will produce a more stable mentee in the future while reducing the dropout rates in high school and college. By enabling youth to achieve their goals, we will build a stronger, more self-sufficient family unit. As a nation and people, we have to stop continually believing things are going to get better when history over the last 15 years proves it’s only getting worse.

Youth Promoter is designed to empower youth to make good choices, understand life situations, implement new goals, and exercise various skills throughout their lives. Throughout the curriculum, the mentee will be engaged in educational sessions and work at completing various tasks. Exposure to new aspects of life will encourage and motivate the mentees to become well-rounded, socially conscious individuals. Utilizing skills mentees already possess, they will learn to make better decisions in life-altering situations. As these mentees gain knowledge and pass it on, the process of empowerment will begin.



Veteran Owned Youth Operated

VoYo is a mentorship and training partnership between Veterans, Youth and Youth Promoter. The participants are disabled, homeless and underemployed Veterans, while the youth are 7thand 8th grade boys. The goal of VoYo is to reduce the suicide and homeless rate of veterans along with the need for illegal activity of our youth by providing them with a skill set to legally earn money.