Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor


Mentoring Minds Challenge is a call to action for all Americans to help change the direction of our youth. Mentoring Minds Challenge utilizes the Mentoring Minds Instructional Manual to provide a map for mentors. The Instructional Manual covers the following topics:





Peer pressure/choices


Teenage and unplanned Pregnancy

Sex Education

Becoming a young lady

Becoming a young man

Drug prevention

Anger Management


Living and dealing with the truth


Importance of education

Financial literacy



Domestic violence


Youth Promoter believes that the aforementioned topics are key ingredients to failure or success. Some are also issues and obstacles that neither parents nor children realize lay ahead of them. We will produce a more stable mentee in the future while reducing the dropout rates in high school and college. By enabling youth to achieve their goals, we will build a stronger, more self-sufficient family unit. As a nation and people, we have to stop continually believing things are going to get better when history over the last 15 years proves it’s only getting worse.

Youth Promoter is designed to empower youth to make good choices, understand life situations, implement new goals, and exercise various skills throughout their lives. Throughout the curriculum, the mentee will be engaged in educational sessions and work at completing various tasks. Exposure to new aspects of life will encourage and motivate the mentees to become well-rounded, socially conscious individuals. Utilizing skills mentees already possess, they will learn to make better decisions in life-altering situations. As these mentees gain knowledge and pass it on, the process of empowerment will begin.

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