About YP

Youth Promoter is a national organization that seeks to meet all the needs of youth through Education, Entrepreneurship, and Entertainment. So often people talk about at-risk youth as if that is a special group but YP theorizes all youth are at risk. So in an effort to level the playing field YP primarily focuses on disenfranchised, socially disadvantaged and underserved youth but is excited to provide an opportunity to all youth.

    Core Values

  • Appreciation- YP believes that lack of appreciation and gratitude has damaged the core values of this country and we are committed to bringing them back.
  • Education - Education is the Key to success. Therefore, YP tries to ensure that we empower our participants in every area possible.
  • Opportunity – YP’s goal is to present many opportunities to our participants allowing them to make their own decisions about which direction they would like to go.
  • Service - Our strength is in our commitment to service and promoting others to serve. Service in our case does not end with signing a participant: it must continue through the full term of the relationship.


To change the course of youth across the world for a better tomorrow.


Our core pillars provide youth a way to better themselves and their community.


Our initiatives are grounded in developing a solid foundation for America's youth.


Our programs are designed to take a holistic approach to tackling America's issues with opportunities.


10,000 is a starting number for 2018-2019.

How we got started

Youth Promoter (YP) was started after years of trials and studies relating to the negative direction of our youth nationally, with a goal of changing that direction. YP believes that developing youth business owners will result in more civic responsibility and a decrease in childhood hunger, bullying, anger issues, homelessness and domestic violence.